Leverage your champions again and again and again...

Champlist gives you a constant flow of sales opportunities by tracking your champions, users, and leads whenever they switch jobs

Track contacts without leaving Pipedrive

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Track job changes automatically with Champlist Pipedrive Add-on without leaving your favorite CRM

Get LinkedIn profile links

Instantly enrich your contacts with LinkedIn profile links and track contacts regardless of your LinkedIn connections

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Sales Teams

Job changes alerts

Turn your champions and prospects into hot leads again whenever they switch jobs


Get easy upsell opportunities after your champions get promotions or change departments


Customer Success Teams

Reduce churn

Act promptly when your champion leaves the company so you can find a new point of contact before renewal

Email bounce alerts

Get alerts whenever contact emails become invalid to avoid your renewal outreach getting bounced


Our Add-ons

make your contacts private, protected, and easy to sync


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Get LinkedIn profiles links

Leverage job changes

Boost sales

Simple, transparent pricing.

Profiles trackedWe charge you only for successful matches of LinkedIn profiles URLs505003 000over 3 000
LinkedIn Profile links enrichmentGet LinkedIn profile URLs directly into your CRM
Job-change trackingNo LinkedIn connection? No problem, Champlist track job changes for any contactadvanced categorization
Continous email verification
API access
Pipedrive Add-on
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