Boost your sales pipeline by outsourcing prospecting to us

Save up to 110k USD a year by simply outsourcing your lead researcher, sales ops specialist or cold emailing


We were struggling to keep our prospecting efforts consistent and efficient. Champlist solved that for us. Now our sales team can just focus on closing the deals.
I recommend Champlist to any sales or marketing team looking to save time and money and increase productivity.

Growth Manager @ COGVIO

Save money by outsourcing your . . .

. . . Lead Researcher

Let us find the best leads for your service or product using leading prospecting databases and our proprietary lead-finding and job-tracking tool

Save up to 60k USD / year
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. . . Sales Ops Specialist

Let us clean up your CRM, enrich it with relevant data, and find anyone who already changes the job so you can reach out to them again

Save up to 90k USD / year
Lead Reasearcher included
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. . . Cold Emailing

We craft personalized email campaigns that convert

Save up to 110k USD / year
Sales Operations included
Lead Reasearcher included
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Hire Champlist

We have simple and transparent pricing

Champlist LeadsChamplist Sales OpsChamplist Cold Emailing
Lead Researcher
Sales Ops + Lead Researcher
Cold Emailing + Sales Ops + Lead Researcher outsourced
Lead sourcing (including job-change leads)
Major prospecting databases & Champlist engine
CRM enrichment & clean-up
Contacts job-change updates
Cold outreach automation
Email cadence & domain warm-up
Cancel / pause anytime
Unlimited requests
Yearly savingsSave up to 60k USDSave up to 90k USDSave up to 110k USD
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How many request can I submit?

You can submit an unlimited number of requests, we'll finish them one by one. Each request would take a different amount of time to finish.

Where do I submit the requests?

Once you pick the role you'd like to outsource, we'll share a Trello board where you can submit and track all your requests.

Can I invite team members so they can submit requests as well?

Yes, you can invite your colleagues so they can submit the requests as well.

What makes you unique?

We combine leading prospecting databases with uniquely proprietary job-tracking technology to deliver fresh leads at an unmatched price.

How long does it take to complete one request?

Depending on the complexity of the request, the common ones take from a few hours to a few days.

How many emails do you usually send when you do cold emailing?

We usually aim for 2000 emails per month. The final volume depends on the product or service and your buyer persona

Outsource prospecting to us

Save up to 110k USD a year